Pasta Making in Photos

Today, while looking for a birthday present for my dad at a few local antique shops, I found a hand tool used for cutting pasta.  It looked vaguely like a vegetable peeler, but with more grooves.  It made me realize I never posted these photos from pasta making.   I probably have posted about the homemade pasta enough, but....

Put flour in a bowl.
Add just enough water to combine it into a dough.
If there is flour still at the bottom of the bowl just add a bit more water.
Knead, as well as you can since the dough is quite stiff, for a minute or two.

Divide dough in half.
Divide each half in half again.
Using your hands make a flat little disc of dough from each dough ball.
Dust with a little extra flour if it is at all sticky.
Start sending it through the flat roller side, on setting 1.

Work your way up the flat sheet dial until your dough is the desired thickness.
Feed the flattened dough through the cutting blade side and repeat with the other three dough balls..
If someone is around it can be quite helpful to designate them the pasta catcher, but its not a requirement by any means.
Voila, fresh pasta!


  1. Delicious looking pasta there. I would love to get one of these machines. I occasionally do it by hand and it's hard work! But it's so yummy fresh, isn't it?

  2. The machine is quite like magic to me. Matt was making it by hand before the machine entered our lives (I wasn't), but it sure gets made A LOT more now that we have the handy little contraption! It isn't really our but on extended loan from my mother-in-law since she didn't use it too much I guess. Or maybe she has two.... I can't remember now.

  3. Homemade cooks so fast too! I think the time it takes to make and cook is about equal to the time it takes to cook dried store-bought pasta.

  4. jealous!! I mean, happy for you to have a pasta machine and the guts to use it! ;)

  5. I was very surprised by how easy and fast the whole process is. Cooking time for the fresh pasta is like 2 minutes and not a second more. It is pretty strange at first.

    Thanks, Dmarie! You started my day off with a smile. : )


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