Community Garden

Matt and I joined a community garden to supplement our rather limited growing space here at the rental.  Saturday was our Spring Workday.  We met lots of nice folks, pulled rocks from new plots (one of which will be ours), picked up fallen twigs in the labyrinth, moved soil, cut carpet remnants used for paths, raked, weeded, cleared flower beds, etc.  I was delightfully sore the next day.  It was really neat to be working a garden with so many people!  I managed to snap a few photos throughout the day (and even got Matt to snap a few of me!).


  1. I love your overalls!
    what are the circular lines of stones? so beautiful - reminds me of a labyrinth, but this is a garden, right?

  2. Thanks! I spend most of my time in skirts, but they are just the perfect work pants....especially on a day as windy as that one was!

    You are right on. It IS a labyrinth. The church has both a community garden and the lovely stone lined labyrinth right beside it. Both are rather meditative if you ask me.

    At the center of the labyrinth is a large tree to sit under. It had spent the winter shedding twigs and branches all over the circuits which is what I am tending to in the last couple shots.


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