Treble Clef Rolls and Braided Loaves

Using the same recipe I always do I created some very splendid (if I do say so myself) new breads for dinner last night. Same recipe...totally new styles.
My very first braided loaf
I am calling these Treble Clef rolls
I've never made shapes before, aside from cloverleaf pull-apart rolls.  I was tickled by their loveliness.  They are also totally the sort of thing that looks A LOT more complicated than it really is.


They went really well with the homemade noodles, garlicy kale red sauce, and bean balls.

This was also my first 100% solo noodle making operation.  I think they turned out keen.  That pasta maker is a real gem.  I was rather proud of myself as I always am when I successfully make a yummy meal involving multiple parts coming together from scratch.  I used to burn Hamburger Helper...  I am sure this prideful feeling with taper off in due time.

I was going to post the recipe along with this, but for some reason Blogger is giving me grief so I will just save that for another day...


  1. Looks delicious - homemade pasta is out of this world. Very impressive looking bread too!

  2. Thanks! I was pleased with how both turned out. Homemade pasta is one of those things that once you get used to it store-bought seems so strange afterwards!


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