Apple Cider Vinegar and Hair Care

We stopped using standard shampoo and conditioner sometime last year.  I'd been doing some reading on sodium lauryl sulfate and other chemicals common used in shampoos and conditioners and thought perhaps there was a more natural solution out there for me.  So, we switched to Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild soap for all our hair and body washing and skipping conditioner altogether.  Dr. Bronners's works well,  is fair-trade, is made with organic ingredients, contains no scary chemicals, and perhaps most importantly we are able to refill our bottle from the bulk containers at the co-op meaning no plastic waste.  (I am planning a post on my love-affair with refilling containers from bulk for another day)

However, recently Matt felt it was leaving a residue in his hair.  We could see the residue on his brush after a couple brushings.  He also said it didn't feel as clean because of the residue, something he didn't notice right away, but that gradually built up over time.

So, we were thinking we would again be on the quest for a new shampoo once again.  But, then we came across a simple little recipe in How it All Vegan, that cookbook we picked up last month for $1.50.  Well, it was worth more than that just for this simple apple cider vinegar rinse.
My "hair care system" consisting of  Bragg's apple cider vinegar, a quart canning jar for mixing my vinegar conditioner, and Dr. Bronner's soap.
Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner
1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar
4 cups water

Put vinegar and water in a clean container and cap tightly.  Shake well.  After shampooing work it through your hair and rinse.  Use 1-2 cups depending on hair length.

It makes my hair feel like silk.  Seriously.  And it is so easy and cheap too! Make it with warm water and it feels just heavenly as you pour it over your scalp.  I highly recommend it as an alternative to standard conditioner.

Update 10-17-2013:  We now use Tate's Miracle Shampoo instead of Dr. B's.  It is magical.  Its smells great.  Lathers well and rinses totally clean without any residue left behind.  We still use the apple cider rinse though since it makes the hair so silky and nice!


  1. I used to use this years ago and I probably should give it a go again. I have that very same vinegar at home and some Dr Bronners, but the almond oil one. I think I'll try it out next hair wash. Thanks :)

  2. So THAT's the ticket to getting the residue out! I tried Dr. Bronner's Soap on my hair ( I have LONG thick hair) and after about 3 washes the residue was unbearable and unbrushable! Tangled mess, and unhappy gal. So, I've been purchasing Dessert Essence organic shampoos and conditioners. Granted "organic" is NOT regulated in non-food products but it works and I'm not using SLS on me. Thanks for the tip!

  3. This has certainly been the ticket for Matt! I have shorter hair still so it wasn't really an issue for me. I have really enjoyed the silky feeling though. It really feels like conditioner and I'd forgotten how nice that feels.

    Happy washing!


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