A Year In Photos

Sandhill Crane
Every year Matt and I go through the hundreds, nay, thousands of photos that I've taken over the past year. 
Itty-bitty Beth and Matt, great big ol' tree.
This meadow at the top of the Beartooth Pass was so gorgeous it was hard to believe.
The view of a meandering mountain river from the cave we climbed up to.  It looked a lot closer than it was, but we were rewarded for our efforts with a stunning, green panorama.  We also found a nest in the cave that was so large I could have EASILY laid down in it.
Derek and Matt, throwing stones.
We laugh, relive some of our adventures, admire our accomplishments, and in general count our blessings at what an enchanted life we are leading.
Furthur.   I won't even bother trying to describe it in words.

Bird sex!  I spent every lunch hour for two weeks watching these two courting.  Fascinating.
We select some (between 150-250) for printing.  I label them all with date and location and any other note I feel will be helpful in 20 years when I cannot quite remember why I took a picture of such-and-such.   I slip them into a couple photo albums that I've collected at thrift shops.  I flip through the albums smiling, feeling joy and contentment. 
Sarah broke the swing (though obviously it didn't phase Keleigh too much).  I can almost her her laughter when I look at this photo.
Garden 2010 produce.
I also am also consequently able to share the highlights of our adventures without a) boring people to tears with the countless shots of the same bird or out-of-focus photos, etc and b) plugging in and firing up the computer.  Even just for myself it is considerably more enjoyable to page through an album than click through the files on my computer.
Let's go fly a kite...

Themed shirts for the String Cheese Incident shows at Horning's Hideout.

Oh you bet we met the blue deady bear!  It was like a hundred degrees so I had to give my respect to the dedication of the wearer of this costume.
This Year-In-Photos project is usually done in the first two months of the year.  Well, not this year.  I just finally printed the photos over the weekend.   Oh well, better late than never.  I also managed to get them printed under a super its-college-and-high-school-graduation-time deal at $.10 per print because of my procrastination.  (You heard it here first, procrastination can pay off)
A hamster wheel for humans.  Let the hilarity and falling down begin!
My dad had never had much success with kites, until I came around apparently.
Mama Schatzke and her sons.
Simpson's chess anyone?  (Val totally stomped my Matt and thus really impressed HER Matt)
2010 was such an incredible year.  I'd remember that even without the photos, but it is still nice to have such wonderful evidence in case I should start to question the greatness.
Snowfall at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Swimming off the boat at sunset on Fort Peck.


  1. The meadow view is stupendous. Love the tie dye! Where did you get prints at that price? And, I am hoping it's a chain.

  2. What a gorgeous collection of wondrous places and lovely adventures to cherish! It makes me want to move to Montana right away!!!

  3. Thanks all. I love taking photos and Montana does provide me with some great photo-ops! Sharing the photos with others is the cherry on top.

    Parsimony - It was through Walgreen's. However it was a special so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled at the next holiday season. I uploaded the photos online from my house and picked up at the store down the street. Very neat.

  4. Great photos! Your Montana countryside is beautiful. Love the annual tradition of defining the year in retrospect with the "best of the best" from thousands you've taken!

  5. Montana is such a beautiful place to live! I keep telling my husband we need to move somewhere more aesthetically pleasing, it's so calming. As for photo prints, I actually prefer to buy my prints and design photo books from adorama.com The site offers a lot of specials year-round on large prints, shipping, photo books, etc. The quality is absolutely fantastic, especially the photo books!

  6. Thanks Vern!

    Thanks Adoseoftlc! I'll have to check that website out before the time for A Year In 2011 photos rolls around!


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