Score! A Fruit Picker!

There were a couple of yard sales just down the street from the library on Friday and so I walked on down and checked them out over my lunch hour.  It was a sunny fabulous day for a walk anyways and I do so love a good yard sale. 

I picked up number of good things, but one far out-shined the rest.  I almost did a happy little dance when I spotted it.  I almost overlooked it because I'd never seen one quite like this before and I am sure glad I didn't and recognized it for the awesome tool it is.

A fruit picker.  All it needs is a handle to be mounted on and I already had one of those. 
Matt and I pick apples every year for sauce and canned apples and a fruit picker is in my opinion essential to the operation.  Up until this point we've just borrowed the picker from his brother, who also owns one of the apple trees we pick off.  But, now Matt and I can BOTH pick!  (Many hand make light work.) 
Additionally, I feel this picker is superior to the one his brother has if for no other reason than I feel you will be able to pick more at a time before emptying the little bag.  It was made by Bartlett and something tells me they probably know what they are doing.  Matt's brother also has a cherry tree which we picked from by hand last year because Ryan's picker is not cherry-friendly.  I think this Bartlett one will be because of the bag and the shape of the "teeth."  So woohoo, more free cherries and more free apples for everyone.

I was so excited when I got back to the library that I showed it to everyone around, which is admittedly not many folks during the summer.  I received the same response from each of them.  "I wouldn't have even known what it was!"  I must say this made me feel a little bit like an evil genius!  Like I was really in on something special...  (I can't operate a touch-screen, but I CAN wield a fruit picker!)

A decade ago I wouldn't have recognized it either and I'd never have thought there'd come a time when finding a bargain fruit picker would make my day.  Funny how life works out.

And the fellow at the sale only charged my something like a dollar for it even though it was marked $4.  And really, I thought it was a steal at $4.


  1. Beth,
    I have been searching your blog for the picture of the apple peeler, corer, slicer that you have. I am in the market for one and you seem happy with that one. While searching, I found this post about the apple picker that I have never seen. I agree that it looks like a superior product. Did you see mine this last week of August 2012? Is Matt's brother like that one I have?

    It's late/early and I could not find contact info for you. However, I suspect it is in your profile.

    How did that fruit picker work? I could not handle it because the fruit would be too heavy in the bag. Maybe you, being younger and hopefully in better shape and not injured, might be able to handle that much weight above your head.

    If you don't want to post this comment, it's okay. My contact is

    Thanks, Linda

  2. Linda,
    Here is the post you were looking for with the photo of the peeler. It is a Back-to-Basics peeler with a clamp base.

    I am not sure I have contact info in my profile. I guess I never thought of it. But, you figured out a way to contact none the less.

    Matt dislikes the Bartlett picker. I think it is fabulous. The bag hold a lot (which wouldn't make it appeal more to you, but as yet I can manage it) compared to the other picker. I also like that you approach the apples from a different angle than with the other picker. That is the part Matt cannot seem to master and so that is why he thinks its inferior to the one he is used to. I am sure its a practice thing.

    The one from your post is exactly like Matt's brothers. It is even the same color. Freaky. Eh, I guess in the era of mass production maybe that's not at all freaky. Good work on all the pears. I am with you. I don't like pears fresh at all. I do like homecanned pears and pear jelly!


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