Hibiscus Lessons

I try to pick up good advice and life lessons wherever I can.  Today I got some good advice from the hibiscus that lives in my office at the library.  The advice is this: Oh, the difference a day can make.  A possible secondary lesson might be:  Be patient.  Good things take time.  Or maybe:  Enjoy thoroughly.  Good things should be cherished while we have the opportunity for nothing in the world lasts forever.   I shall try to remember that the next time I am having one of THOSE days....  you know, where everything seems to go wrong and silly, little things seem insurmountable....   
Monday.  Lovely buds, one tiny and one large, that brim with promise.
Wednesday.  One blossom opens revealing itself, the other still building up to its glory.
Thursday.  One blossom's petals slowly withering while the other still holds its hope for tomorrow.
Watching the transformation is like magic for me.  It makes me want to oooooh and awwwwww.  

For the record I am, quite thankfully, NOT having one of those days.    It is sunny and hot.   I did yoga in the sunshine to start my day.  Matt made pumpkin pancakes.  We rode bicycle to the library under a swell blue sky.  My boss took the office out for lunch to a sweet little restaurant nestled in a residential neighborhood (a rarity around here) where the food was quite good.  I had my first panini.  I am visiting my awesome aunt Mary Ann after work.  Tomorrow is Friday and there is a long weekend ahead.  Matt and I have a day hike planned for the weekend.    Happy Thursday to me.

I find a great comfort in knowing that each day is a brand new beginning, a chance to start fresh.  Each day is an opportunity to grow.  That makes me happy.  No problem is truly insurmountable.  No day is truly bad.  I've said it before, and I believe it is worth repeating: life is what you make of it.  It is primarily a matter of attitude and determination.  But, sometimes, a little reminder of that is helpful.


  1. I inspect flowers, waiting for buds to break out in blossoms! I ooooh and ahhhh to no one in particular.I love pink flowers.

  2. These lovely pink hibiscus had not bloomed in so long. A year and half or so. I was starting to wonder if I had "broken" it somehow. Too little water? Too much water? Too small a pot? Too cold? But, then a couple months ago it bloomed. And now TWO blossoms over a week! I am quite tickled.

    Oh, and the second blossom was open to greet me this morning!


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