On My Mind....Snow Pea Blossoms

We have the loveliest blossoms on our pea patch right now.  This year we are growing a few rows of snow peas in addition to a more standard variety of regular "eatin' peas," as Matt calls them.  I never expected the flowering of these peas would look so beautiful, more lovely than even the pretty, white blossoms growing on their pea neighbors.  The delicate, papery two-toned petals alone make the plant worth growing in my opinion and they haven't even set out any peas yet!  We've never grown snow peas before so we are quite excited for that part, too.  I like snow peas a great deal and imagine that fresh from the garden peas will not disappoint.  The other peas are setting pods so I am sure it will be any time for the snow peas.  In the meantime, I have their beauty to savor.

The On My Mind concept come from  Rhonda on her Down to Earth blog.  Won't you join in on the fun?!


  1. I may just plant those for the flowers!

  2. Why not!? I think they are as lovely as many ornamentals!

  3. Those are beautiful flowers. I might have to try growing snow peas next year. I'm a new reader, and enjoying your blog!

  4. Welcome GreenVeggie and thanks for stopping by! The glory of the blossoms have now withered, but I will be eating snow peas for dinner tonight so hip-hip-hooray!


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