Rockin' My Dancin' Cloak

I more-or-less had this cloak finished long ago, but procrastinated on the finishing touches.  With the Love Your Mother Earth Festival on the horizon I had a fire lit inside of me to finish it.  It seemed like the perfect inaugural event for my cloak.  Oh, and it was!

Matt took a series of me dancing at LYME that I think captured the cloak's greatness pretty well.  I love dancing in swirly, flowing clothing and have the feeling this cloak will be my festival jacket from here on out.   I made the matching skirt long before the cloak was even a glimmer in my imagination.

My favorite of Matt's photos of me dancing...just because of my hair.  You can tell I was really getting down.

(A great big THANKS to my generous mother who gave me all the fabric as well as helped me bring both creations into being!  It turned out better than I even hoped.  It feels great to wear with its wonderful weight, its warmth and softness, and garnered lots of compliments, too.)

My only regret is that I am dancing around with a beer in my hand in ALL of these photos...I hardly drink and hate to imply otherwise.  Oh well, no matter... 


  1. Sometimes we HAVE TO just cut loose! The cloak is AWESOME!

  2. Somehow I KNEW you would like in Ember. I've read of your admiration for medieval-type garb and thought this might strike your fancy as well as mine!

    And cut loose we did Becky!! Oh, it was fun! Music, camping, dancing, hula hoopers, fire dancers, rain AND sunshine, huge bubbles, kite flying! My oh my! Good times had by all.

    Thanks to you both for admiring my creation. It was quite a project and perhaps more ambitious than a novice seamstress like me should have undertaken. However, I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

  3. That is beautiful Beth! It looks so magical and protective. I am so happy for you darling! What a creative, earthly piece of clothing.

  4. I did not notice you had anything in your hand! And, to me it is not recognizable as a beer. Love the cloak. Love the dancing. Love that YOU love your cloak. I want to learn to be a fire dancer, but fear I might be too old, too fat, and too spine impaired to do so. (back (disc) problems that are going to surgery)

  5. Cool cloak! Hope to see you rockin' out at the upcoming Montana Folk Festival.

    PS: for flower guides, in order of usefulness to me:

  6. EcoRover-I am so totally bummed that I will not be able to go the folk festival this year! (It would have been a fantastic place to rock the cloak!) Alas, one of our annual tie-dye selling gigs happens to be the same weekend this year as the festival. Serious, serious let down. The schedule looks good again this year too! Oh well, I hope it is a wild success and I can go next year!

    Thanks for the flower book suggestions. There are so many to choose from when it comes to guidebooks that I always find it helpful to ask someone who has actually used them. The local library has a copy of the Schiemann book so I can even take it on a test drive before buying. Thanks again.

  7. Chelsey - It does feel a bit magical when I wear it I must say. Perhaps that will wear off after I've had it a while or perhaps it is just an enchanted cloak!

    PP - See! I knew I shouldn't have mentioned it at all! Oh well. I really enjoy WATCHING fire dancing, but I have never participated. I fear I'd end up not dancing, but rather having to stop, drop, and roll! Regular free-form dancing is just fine for me....heck, more than just fine, I live for it.

  8. Wow, that will keep you really warm at any upcoming festivals. Great job. BTW, I would not have noticed the beer - too much movement in the pictures:)


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