Summer Solstice

Ah, summer solstice is here and hopefully bringing the heat of summer along with it. 
I, for one, am quite over the chilly, rainy spring we've had and have developed an almost overwhelming desire for sunshine and 80 degree days.  Matt strongly disagrees with the last part of my desire.  We are polar opposites in the temperature department.  He is always hot and I am always cold.  (When we were last over at his parent's house the temperature inside was quite warm for most people there apparently, but I was quite content.  It was 83 degrees in the house.  It seemed to prove to Matt just how nuts I am.)  In his way he is ready for the sun and heat though as he has been lamenting the slow progress of the garden so far this year.

We are planning a small Summer Solstice Celebration tonight with a few friends.  Matt and I decided we desired more celebrations and traditions in our life and solstice parties was one thing we added to our list of holiday celebrations this year.   I mean really, can we have too many "excuses" to gather with friends and family for laughter and a special meal?!
Matt is marinating kabobs for grilling all day so that they will be nice and juicy and flavorful this evening.  I am going to whip up something involving our fresh garden harvest of spinach as well as some tasty dessert.  I am thinking applesauce cake perhaps.  Or maybe Grandmother's wacky cake.  Or if I have time, woopie pies as they are a very special treat not made at all regularly and it seems that summer solstice is a worthy occasion.  Oooh, and fresh rolls shaped like flowers (if that part doesn't come to be it will still be okay as I baked a couple fresh loaves last night that would also suit the bill, albeit without summer shapes.  Also, I've never tried to make flowers so I don't even know it is possible.)  Hmmmmmm....maybe I should have baked last night as to not heat up the house in the middle of the day.  Oh well, live and learn.


  1. I would gladly send you some "heat"; it is 97* with a heat index of 103.1*

  2. oh, my, I'm not even hungry but I am salivating over those kebabs! in the 90s here in western Kentucky, but we're expecting a low of 60 Thursday night. too weird!! love this post!!

  3. Kababs are my new favorite meal! We just "discovered" them since the start of 2011 and I must say BBQ season never was so exciting for me!

    I've sure been enjoying the heat (only up to 80 degrees so far), though I am sure if I lived where you do Becky I might start to wane in my enthusiasm for it. Montana winters are long.....and this spring brought record breaking rain and cold. I want the talk to me in August and I might be a little less happy-dance about it. But, who knows I might still be.

    Last night I slept with two light quilts and the sheet. Matt used just the sheet.

  4. the Kababs look delish! Happy Summer!

  5. Next week, it will be near 100 here, but for now, this evening was coolish and breezy, feeling very nice.


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