Goldfinch House

As I have already mentioned, Matt and I try to purchase at least one item from another vendor at our tie-dye selling gigs.  People make the most amazing things and I never ceased to be amazed at the creativity and craftiness.

At Strawberry Festival we brought home this sweet little birdhouse, hand carved and painted by a craftsman from Helena, MT.  I don't know if the birds will like it, but we sure do.  Time will tell on that one.

We were torn between the goldfinch and the western tanager, but ultimately opted for the goldfinch as they frequent our backyard.  Not that I actually expect a goldfinch to nest in it.  I don't.  I will be happy if any bird deems it worthy.  Still, the goldfinches are possibly our favorite backyard visitors so the goldfinch house seemed in order. 

We knew we made the right choice when we saw a goldfinch on the line overhead as we ate our Strawberry Festival celebration pizza in the back yard.

Seeing this lovely pair at the feeder this morning started my day off right.  There is something about the bright, happy color of yellow, especially with that striking black contrast.  How could I not smile as I watched them?

I hope they are nesting somewhere nearby!


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