Great Big Bubbles of Fun

I've always like blowing bubbles.  When I was a young girl I can remember blowing bubbles for my dog, Herbie, who would case after them trying to catch them all.  He would triumphantly bite, and burst, each bubble if he caught it.  We could play this game for hours.  I also had all the accessories like bubble pipes and fancy shaped wands and whatnot.  I once even earned the nickname "Bubbles," for blowing bubbles during set break at a music festival in California. (The nickname only lasted as long as the festival).

Then, last summer at another musical gathering, I saw a fellow at a  making these absolutely HUGE bubbles with this wand-sting contraption.  He had a crowd of children watching him and soon Matt and I were part of that crowd.  I was so impressed.  They were the biggest, best bubbles I'd ever seen.  They would even hit the water and just bounce along the surface like magic.

At some point over the autumn-winter I must have told my mother about this man and his giant bubbles because she replied that she had a giant bubble wand she'd picked up for Keleigh at a garage sale, but it had never been used.  So she gave it to me. 

Matt and I are now getting prepared and organized for a music festival and thought we should bring the bubble wand along.  But, not wanted to fail miserably in front of an audience we decided to give it some practice go-rounds in the yard last night.  It did take a minute to get the technique down, but I think we will have lots of fun with this! 
I think that between the bubble and Matt's expression this is a gem of a photo.

In this one you can see the bubble bursting over Matt's foot.  How cool is that?!

I was trying to catch a little one inside of a big one.  It was hard!


  1. I love those things but have never had any luck with them - perhaps I just need more practice.

  2. My son saw your bubble photos and got really excited. Do you have a special recipe for the bubble mixture?

  3. BUBBLES ARE AMAZING!!! Roland & I will blow bubbles for until we run out of liquid. He calls them bubbies. :)

  4. Looks like so much fun! What recipe do you use?

  5. They DO look like tie-dye bubbles....something I quite like. I mean, bubbies. That is too cute. And yes Becky, practice makes perfect. We had a heck of a time our first go-round (I didn't show all the photos of us failing to make a bubble), but last night was already much easier.

    As to the recipe, we used:
    2 1/2 cups water
    1/4 cup of dish soap
    1 tablespoon glycerin

    The glycerin apparently helps the bubbles last longer in the air. We purchased it a the pharmacy.

    The recipe on the bubble wand said to use Joy dish soap specifically. We did a quick google search and many recipes suggested Joy. We wondered if there was some special reason for this, but opted to try it with our eco-friendly brand. It worked just fine (as photos show). Last night Matt came home with a bottle of Palm Olive from the dollar store and we tried the recipe with that. (He is like a pseudo-scientist and wouldn't be satisfied until he could do a comparison) It worked fine too, but I do think the ecosoap worked better. Plus, the Palm Olive had a strong fragrance that stunk up the whole back yard! It made me sneeze. So, I guess the moral of the story is use whatever dish soap you've got.


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