Human Hamster Wheel

The interstate is all well and good for getting somewhere relatively quickly, but it rarely has any of the charm and natural beauty found along a two-lane highway.   Skipping off I-90 onto the splendid Pintler Scenic Loop is one of our favorite drives as we travel west across the state.  The loop is only a short, 72 mile jaunt, but is a very pleasant jaunt indeed.  There are stunning mountains and geological formations, a waterfall that come raging out of a hole in the side of the mountain demonstrating the impressive, determined force of water, big horn sheep, and gravity defying ramshackle remnants from Montana's early mining days.    Matt, Casey, and I took the drive on our way to the Love Your Mother Earth Festival last weekend.

In Anaconda there is also a park with a hamster wheel for humans, specifically children, but we never let that stop us!  I make Matt stop every time.  I always laugh my head off, get at least one wood burn, and get rather dizzy.  It is just too much fun.  It is hard to spin because we are all too tall for it, but that just ups the  level of the challenge!  
One never knows what fun might be found by taking the road less traveled.


  1. Hilarious pictures. A route Ive never taken that I just may have to explore.

  2. : ) I'm glad you thought so too.

    Oh, you should! It really doesn't take much longer than if you just stay on the interstate and is so much more pretty and fun! Plus, that is right in your neck of the woods.

    Happy Friday to you!

  3. That reminds me of the scary tunnel attraction at my hometown carnival (like on the movie Grease). I was always afraid I was going to fall in front of everyone LOL!

  4. Totally. I always liked that part of the carnival too!!!! I suppose it is a sickness that I enjoy throwing myself around and in general not-acting-my-age in public! Eh, what can ya do? : )

  5. thanks for giving me a giggle, that hamster wheel looks great fun.

  6. I'm glad the giggles got spread around because I was sure laughing my head off while in the wheel!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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