Goldfinch Return

 The American goldfinch is possibly the most breathtaking bird I see at my backyard feeders.  Male house finches are a lovely red and especially this time of year are rather stunning too.  Still, there is something about a lemon yellow bird that makes me giddy. 

Actually it made me gasp.  Literally.  The very first time I saw one at our feeder, and then again over the weekend when I sauntered absently into the dining room and there he was, eating thistle seed.  I gasped and called Matt and Josh into the room to witness him as well. 
We'd been waiting for him.
Some female goldfinches had been at the feeder for well over a month, but we'd not yet seen one male.  The females are quite distinct and attractive, but are more drab in their yellowness.    Matt and I waited and waited, still no males.  Finally curiosity got the better of us and we had to do a little research to explain this.  We learned that goldfinches nest quite late so they are assured a good supply of thistle seed, their preferred food.  So the males apparently had no need to show up just yet.
I've still only seen the one fellow this year, but undoubtedly the rest of this brothers won't be far behind him.


  1. Also, forgive the semi-poor quality of the photos as I was shooting through the window. I wasn't going to risk opening the door for a better view!


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