A Simple Woman's Day Book for June 7, 2011

A Simple Woman's Day Book for June 7, 2011

Outside my window...the birds are sweetly singing through the rain.

I am thinking....that I wish I'd brought a bigger lunch.  I don't know what I was thinking not baking any of that bread I baked last night!

I am thankful for...all the perfect, beautifully sunny weather over the weekend when Matt and I were selling tie-dye...outdoors.

From the kitchen...there was some discussion about whether gravy counted as a sauce and if so what exactly makes a sauce a gravy.

I am wearing... a long, tan skirt, black RMC polo shirt, and birks.

I am creating... ojos, lots and lots of ojos.  And the biggest one yet: three feet across.  Oh, it is a monster, but it already looks so awesome.  Also, I am trying to make as many normal sized ones as possible.  So far I have seven.  We are using them as camp decorations at an upcoming music festival. 

I am going...to the Love Your Mother Earth Festival in a mountain meadow.  Hip hip hooray!  Summer is here!  Soon the concert season will be in full swing!

I am reading...The Ranch Woman's Manual by Gwen Peterson and it is a superb blend of helpful and hilarious.

On my mind... is Adam (brother-in-law) and Jen moving to the very, very, very bottom of California.  I am trying to be happy for them, but I mostly am just sad and mad about it for a variety of reasons.  But, they are both adults and it is THEIR life.  I just have to keep reminding myself that.  Still, I miss Adam already and he hasn't even gone yet.  I think it is so painful for me because I already have a sister that lives out on the coast that I only see a couple times a year.  Its bad enough with one, now we'll have two.  And my sister Sarah is applying for jobs out of state, too.    In any case, change is hard (especially when the change is those you love leaving you behind), but I am working my way through it.

Around the house... we are running low on some essentials and really need to do some shopping.  Boy I hope we get a lot more garlic and onions out of the garden this year so we can stop buying so dang many.

One of my favorite things... finding a good home for something I don't want, but cannot bear to just throw away and can't be recycled.  It makes me quite pleased with myself.

A few plans for the rest of the week...put the finishing touches on my cloak, finish "the big ojo," label and put all new photos into albums, tie-dye.

A small window into my life...

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  1. I hope you'll post a picture of your ojos. I grew up in New Mexico and I love them. I can remember some of the loveliest ones made with natural sticks, jute, embroidery floss and a variety of textures. Hmmm. I may have to show my son how to make them. Good craft for a rainy day!

  2. It is hard when people have to move away. My husband is applying for jobs all over the US as he just can't find anything here. We keep hoping for a break and that a permanent full-time job with benefits for him will magically appear. Needless to say our families are not happy about us having to possibly move. I'm dreading a long distance move so keep hoping and praying for something HERE. You are right -Change is hard sometimes. Art and books.... perfect blend!

  3. I love to read about the books you are reading. This one sounds like one I would like too. I read a book that I thought you might like. It is called "Eat More Dirt" by Ellen Sandbeck. It's a book about organic gardening, and I thought it was quite funny, too. I am now reading the other two our library had by this author. I just liked the book so much that I wanted more of her writing style.

  4. RMH - I will most certainly post a photos of them when I am finished. I've made great progress on The Big One, finished one small one, and started on another. Still, if you've see the real deal in the SW mine will not probably be so impressive.

    Becky- I hope your husband finds his dream job....even better I hope his dream job is not so far from your family. I know this is a hard time to be looking for it though.

    And I have too many books! The curse of working at the library.

    Cristy - I will put my interlibrary loan powers to work and procure a copy of that book post haste. It sounds so right up my alley and I am nearing the end of the Ranch Woman's Manual.

  5. I tried to order the one you listed from paperbackswap.com but they didn't have it, so I ordered "Greenhorns Guide to the Wooly West" by her instead. I can't wait to get it!

  6. I just finished the book today. Hilarity and wit all the way through. I hope the Greenhorns Guide is just as good. I might have to see about getting that one. The author ranched near here is how I ended up finding her.

  7. Cristy - I just discovered that my library owns The Greenhorn's Guide as well! I don't know how I missed it before! Yet another book to add to my to-read list.

  8. I finally got around to dropping Gwen Petersen a note today telling her how much I enjoyed her books. I figure an author might like to hear that sort of thing and she lives just an hour away from me maker her a more real and tangible person in my head.


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