1st Tomato Dinner of the Season

The tomatoes are finally ready for eating...well some of them anyway....enough to eat and that is all I care about!  We had our first taste of them last weekend with a red sauce (seasoned with herbs from our garden) over pasta, freshly baked no-knead bread, and (fresh-from-the-garden) corn on the cob.  Simple and heavenly. 

I love, love, LOVE tomato-based everything so this attempt to eat tomatoes more seasonally (i.e. relying on our own produce and not just running off to the store to buy more at a whim regardless of the season) was a real challenge for me.  Now that the tomatoes are coming in though I can see that it was really worth it.  Those tomatoes utterly rock my world.  Need proof?  I have it! 

Matt could tell how darn ecstatic I was about the whole thing and snapped these photos of my first couple bites.  I think my pleasure is quite evident...especially in photo number two....that is the oh-my-goodness-it-it-too-good-to-be-true face.

Oh baby!  Red tomatoes once again!


  1. The first of the season is always fabulous isn't it! We don't buy tomatoes out of season as they are always so tasteless.

  2. You always seem to make really simple food look delicious. Glad you are enjoying your tomatoes!

  3. YUMMY! I LOVE a fresh warm tomato from the garden.

  4. Oh it is soooooooo fabulous CTF! So fabulous. The first harvest of anything each years seems to be the best food I've ever eaten...until the first harvest of the next crop....

    Thanks Homemaker!

    Becky - There really is something about being sunwarmed that improves things vastly. That is one more reason home production will always be the best.

  5. I was so blown away when we started eating seasonally. Every food became a celebration, the news, something to be so very very grateful for.
    I love the photos of you savoring :)


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