Thursday, August 11, 2011

Garden Update

Here are some more photos from the lovely little garden that I took yesterday morning.   Everything is progressing nicely though we are at a lag right now on daily harvesting.  All the onions have been harvested.  The tomatoes are starting to redden much to my delight.  I cannot really begin to express how much I am looking forward to having tomato sauce again. 
Training the squash through the fence.
Hip, hip hooray for red peppers!
The variety is escaping me at the moment, but this pepper grows upside down.  It is pretty interesting.  It i the only one that does it from the varieties we have.


  1. I love your garden. Good for you for planting seeds in areas others would overlook!............Denise

  2. Thanks Denise!

    We learned the grow-squash-in-the-alley trick from Matt's dad. This is our first year utilizing that space along the fence. It alone is going to make our garden highly profitable considering how much we spend on squash. We have so many baby squashed growing back there where there previously was nothing. It makes me happy.


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