The Fridge of the Future...Apparently.

Now usually I try to only use my blog to promote good and ideas that I believe in and not to mock bad and ideas I don't believe in....but this was just too wonky to keep to myself.

Check this madness out:
"Finally, a fridge that organizes more than just your food."
Whew....and I had been waiting with baited breath! 

Seriously, what is with the fixation on putting a computer into everything?!   I mean, do I really need my Pandora to play through my fridge....?  Who does?!

It made my brain say: "Does Not Compute."

: )


  1. Gracious! I don't need another reason to go to the refrigerator. My refrigerator does not even have an ice-maker, so you are right, "Does Not Compute." That would be too much of a leap for my brain.

  2. Yeah, I don't have an ice dispenser either....I guess that just means our fridges are practically from the stone age! : )


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