Thursday, August 4, 2011

Volunteer Sunflower

A sunflower has been growing under my bird feeder, no doubt due to the birds quite messy eating habits.  I swear sometimes they just throw it all over on purpose!  Messy, messy birds.  Oh well, at least I got a flower out of all the mess.   Actually I got two flowers.
The first and larger of the two opened while I was away at family reunion and is by now starting to look a little sad.  The flower head is heavy and sagging down with seeds making it appear the the little flower is pouting.  Half the lovely petals have fallen. 
So it was just in time that the second opened to show off its lovely self. 
Yellow is such a happy color.  They really brighten up the feeder area which really isn't much to look at when there aren't birds at it!  And hey, a free flower that I didn't have to plant or tend?!  Works for me.


  1. ooh, I just love volunteers...and maybe the birds will save a sunflower seed or two for you!

  2. Aren't volunteer anything just the best!?

    We'll see soon enough how keen the birds are to share....

  3. Yellow is a bright, cheerful color. That is why the kitchen counters in my kitchen are yellow and the floors. Someone thought I needed a bunch of fake sunflowers. I went along with it and now have several sunflower objects in the kitchen. Of course, I had the one volunteer in the side yard a few weeks ago. I think it is gone now...sad me.

  4. Yes, I remember your volunteer sun flower as well. Much better than fake, but bright happy yellow is a nice addition the a room regardless.

  5. Birds are taking things into their own, er, beaks to insure a seed supply for winter?


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