Street Art Oddness

Check out this weird thing that I found!  I was riding my bicycle down an alley bordering a city park on one side and a row of businesses on the other.  On the backside of one of the businesses was this little artistic oddity.  A spray painted giraffe head in sparkling gold frame mounted on the brick.
I thought it was pretty strange.  But, interesting.  It did make me stop and wonder.  I wish I knew more.

Sometimes I think it is a very good thing to be stopped still, struck by the delightful strangeness of this world, and smile.


  1. That's so neat! I would have loved to get a photo of that myself!

  2. That is rather odd and charming. I hope you do find out more about it. If you had been in your car, you would never have seen this. I cannot wait to have my surgeries and stuff fixed the way it is supposed to be in my body so I can ride a bike again.

  3. What fun.
    Have you seen the movie "Exit Through The Gift Shop"? All about street art (Banksy and others).

  4. I like ambush art--see e.g. the fencepost sculpture at

  5. At first glance I thought it was a hand print on the wall. But, the frame made me stop for a closer look. It made me smile alright.

    Linda - You are quite correct that I wouldn't have seen it if I'd been in a car. I was only riding down the alley because the traffic on the street was too much for my enjoyment. In my car I'd have been a part of that traffic! So, aside from the quiet ride I also got a surprise art viewing! I hope you are up to riding soon!

    Bridget - I've never heard of it. I don't watch movies too much, but have a growing list of recommendations. I will certainly have to add this one.

    EcoRover - That statue is really something! I would have to stop and examine that artistic oddity as I passed by as well! It reminds me of a post on the way out to my aunt's farm near Opheim. It was decorated as well. Neat things one can find if they are looking.

  6. I totally spotted another one, exactly the same thing, in a totally different part of town. I've been meaning to go back and take a photo of it too, but haven't yet. I wonder if there are even more!


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