Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garden Update

Our little garden is progressing nicely.  The squash are blooming like mad.   Every time I check the peppers they have sprouted new fruits.  We definitely planted more peppers that we ever have before.  I am hoping to make my own hot sauce and salsa this year.  Speaking of which the tomatoes are also fruiting like crazy.  We were tying them up yesterday and remarking about how tall they are getting.  We were debating trimming off the tops to stop them, but they were supposed to be "determinate" varieties that didn't need such treatment.  Oh well, they are covered in green, baby tomatoes and I am happy.

There is a little bee in that blossom!  Good work little friend!
I admire the large funnel leaves of the squash plants.  They are designed to channel all that rain and dew right down to the roots.  I find it infinitely cool, especially in the morning when the leaves are deep bowls.

I am feeling hot, hot, hot!
Okay, so crane your head to the right and take a look at the beans and tomatoes!  Blogger refused to display this photo vertically despite that being how it is saved on my computer.  Whatever.  We've never really grown beans before and so we are very excited about these little guys.  The only other beans we tried to grow were in the year of the rabbit and they were chewed down mercilessly.
A cluster of green Romas.  I am almost beside myself with mouthwatering as I wait for the reddening.

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