Natural Bridge Recreation Area


  1. I found you via Rhonda (Down to Earth) and wanted to say hi. I think we're in the same city, actually. I recognized the St Andrew's labyrinth- took my mom to walk it earlier this summer! :) We admired the placement of the baby trees around the outer perimeter.

  2. HW- I've been to the Natural Bridge Area about a hundred times and it never gets less awesome for me. It is a beautiful place indeed.

    Deb- That is quite a way to cross paths (via an Aussie blog!). How fun! Yes, our community garden plot is at that church. I really enjoy the labyrinth there.
    Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

  3. Wonderful. Beth, may I have your permission to use one of your photos on my blog? x

  4. I am always happy to share my photos as long as credit goes to me, which from you I have no doubt would be the case. It tickles me so much that you found such delight in that photo that it deemed sharing on your own blog. I really enjoyed it myself....but I am severely biased! Thanks for stopping by as always. I really appreciate you.


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