Apple Juice

I just cannot get over how delicious homemade apple juice is.  I am having a hard time even considering turning some of the juice into jelly....I just want to drink it!  Maybe Matt will forget he even wanted to make apple jelly.....
We ended up with four 32 oz bottles fresh juice for immediate drinking (all gone already by a long shot), one 1 gallon jug frozen juice, and eight quarts canned juice.

We took two of the fresh bottles on our vacation and by halfway through the trip the second bottle had started to ferment a little.  It tasted just like Martinelli's sparkling apple juice.  It was a pretty awesome treat.
Next year we are going to have to pick sooooooooo many more apples.....


  1. It is wonderful you take advantage of all fruits and vegetables that you do. that does look delicious and pretty.

  2. I can't believe that more people aren't doing it!!! I see apple, cherry, plum, and pear trees all over town just dropping fruit into yards instead of being picked and eaten. But, what some don't want I am MORE than happy to take!


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