Community Garden Harvest

 Last weekend was the big Common Ground harvest at our community garden. 
The day was mixed rain and sunshine which made for a muddy good time. 

The bounty from the Common Ground is donated to the food bank and the homeless shelter and other local organizations.  It makes me quite happy to know we helped feed the needy with some garden-fresh, organic goodness. 
I also got the go-ahead to save as many sunflower heads as I wanted to feed the backyard birds.  The sunflowers had really only been planted to make clear the border between the Common Ground plots and the personal plots.  The funny part about it was as soon as I started chopping off heads it was like a green light for the workforce to start ripping out the rows of sunflowers.  I had to lop the heads off pretty quick to stay ahead of them.  In the end I filled more than two five gallon buckets with heads and have them set out to dry in the sun porch.  We'll see how long that lasts the birds.


  1. How wonderful! I especially love that 3rd photo--there's something magical about it-- almost like you could be in another time and place. It's like the quintessential farming pic :)

  2. That is true! I hadn't really thought about it like that. Thanks for pointing it out. Have a wondrous weekend!


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