Gus & Rainy

So, the same day I picked grapes it was pointed out to me that I had misspoke on my blog.  In the post entitled The A to Z of Me I said I wasn't a dog person.  Well, over at Ryan's house it was kindly pointed out to me that I am a dog the two dogs that I really and truly enjoy, Gus and Rainy.
When I said I wasn't a dog person I was oversimplifying.  I love dogs as much as the next fuzzy critter, but unfortunately so very many that I meet are poorly, poorly trained which makes them little fun to be around in my opinion.  That is was made me misspeak.   In general I do not gush at the sight of a dog, but there are those that have proven to be pretty incredible and Gus and Rainy.
After spending an hour rubbing and petting and being followed by these two incredible fellows I felt a clarification was in order.  I am a dog person....but it takes a very, very special dog to win me over. 
Apparently something in the squash smelled interesting.
Very interesting....

Have you ever been with a greyhound?  They are such neat doggies.  Gus and Rainy remind me of deer.  They are so quiet and long legged and gentle, with the sweetest, softest eyes.  They are the perfect height for hugging.  I crouch down and they come over and rest their head on my shoulder, chest to chest, and we snuggle.  I love it!  They are wild when they run.  Gus thinks a sack on the end of whip is the best dog toy ever.  They have the softest skin on their belly.  It feels like velvet.  They shed an impressive amount of hair all over me when I am rubbing on them and I just don't care because they are so tender and wonderful. 
See, I AM a dog person.  But not just any ol' dog will do.


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