Miniature Marvel

Last week I picked what may have been the cutest, tiniest bell pepper ever.   The whole thing is like the size of my thumbnail.
Even though it is smaller than a nickle the tiny little pepper is already perfectly formed in miniature with little seeds and thickening inner ribs and everything.  I thought it was pretty much miraculous.
I never ceased to be amazed and excited by the wonders that come out of the vegetable garden.  Sometimes you have to look rather closely though! 


  1. It is almost as thought the little pepper knew his days were numbered and packed all the living into them he could! Only to be wrenched away by a huge hand. He was probably happy you didn't pop him in your mouth, and just sliced his head off instead.

    Can you tell I had a good Halloween?

  2. What great pepper pictures. Your climate is so different than ours, so I enjoy seeing what you are able to grow.
    You asked about the type of fence in one of my husband (David's) photos. It looks to me to be a version of the "crotch fence" we tend to find mostly in the Augusta area. They are so picturesque and I'm told they tend to be built in areas that are so rocky that driving a typical fence post would be difficult.
    I hope you will look into bokashi. I have been using it since mid-summer and find it satisfying to be able to put our kitchen and canning waste to such good use. I learned that the microrganisms are put on wheat bran that would otherwise be taken to a landfill. (Yikes.)
    Yesterday a book I ordered from an Amazon associated used book seller called Worms Eat My Garbage arrived. I have read a few pages and it appears to be simple and straightforward. It will be interesting to give the worms a try and coordinate them with the bokashi treated waste.
    Have a lovely day in beautiful Billings...........Denise

  3. Ember (or should I call you Pen?) - I thought it was pretty sweet myself! It made me go "Awwww....." at the sight of it.

    Mary- I think you are right! And I love the seasonally appropriate phrasing used! I am glad you had a keen Halloween. I did as well. The pepper has by now mysteriously vanished....into someone's mouth.

    Denise- Isn't that the funny thing about Montana? We are such a big state that the differences in climates can be amazing. I can remember calling my dad (in the east) and having him say it was -25 degrees and blowing snow. I call my mom (in the west) and it is -10 degrees and snowing. Here in the middle, in what Matt calls The San Diego of Montana, it was 30 degrees, no snow. The distances and differences are quite interesting.
    Matt and I have seriously talked about vermicomposting (as opposed to bokashi about which we know little and so haven't talked much, but I am doing some reading on it now). Both are on my winter research list. There are so many useful and interesting "science projects" we can get involved with. I hope your bokashi-worm coordination works out well. It would certainly be interesting I am sure.

    I hope you are all having a splendid day!


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