Lavender Mashed Potatoes

Matt loves to grow things that are oddly colored--like rainbow carrots and purple potatoes.   We made mashed potatoes for our anniversary dinner with a blend of yellow, white, and purple potatoes and the result was an unusual lavender colored mashed potatoes.  Matt was pretty happy.  


  1. Cute little bell pepper--dollhouse size. Lavender mashed potatoes? Matt could start a trend.

  2. The Dollhouse Pepper. That would have been a great name for it!

  3. I love growing odd-colored veggies too. You guys are my kind of people ;) Has Matt tried the purple viking potato? It's white on the inside, but has purple skin with bright pink stripes. Really cool looking.

    Happy anniversary!

  4. Thanks!

    You know, I've had a very similar thought while reading your blog, which I have been so glad to discover! "I think these are my kind of folks." I have many blog-friends of a similar homesteady-crafty-ecofriendly-homemakery bent, but for some reason most of them are in other countries, particularly Australia and New Zealand. While those bloggers are certainly full of sound tips and tricks, not to mention fun stories and cute kids, I have found it more meaningful for me when the tips and animals are placed in a more familiar, regional Colorado! So, thanks for letting me follow along and thanks for stopping by.

    Also, I told Matt about the purple viking and it is on his list for next year. Thanks for the suggestion. It is right up his weird-vegetable-lovin' alley.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I'm not sure how long it's been, but I'm glad it's been however long it's been.

  6. Thanks. And six years and counting.


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