Autumn's Arrival

Autumn is here.  There is no disputing that.  The leaves are transforming and drifting down to the earth. 
And the irrigation canal that cuts through town went from this....
10/10/2011 this.  A sure sign.
We also had to cover the veggies two night this week because of the dropping overnight temperatures.  Soon enough we will just have to give it up for the year, but we are still hoping for some more peppers and tomatoes to redden up.
I am really looking forward to the fall.  It is the start of the quiet seasons.  A time of rest and rejuvenation after the fantastic frenzy that is spring and summer.


  1. How is the huge piece of tie-dyed material going to used.

  2. It is one of our bed sheets. It looks real nice as tapestry covering the wall-climbing tomato plants too I thought though!

  3. Well, Beth, I LOVE the tie-dyed bed sheet over the tomato plants! LOL! I'm with you looking forward to fall. It is such a quiet contemplative time to enjoy life. I was surprised by the picture of the dry water. We have been dry in SC, too. Have a great weekend!

  4. I love the tie-dyed protection for your plants!

  5. How interesting. Yes, it looks amazing. Actually, I thought maybe Matt used the porch to dry his larger pieces of art.

  6. I *love* fall, but I'm dreading winter :-/


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