Tizer Gardens (Furthur Megavacation Day 1)

At least for making peanut butter-honey sandwiches the bumper of a Toyota really makes a great counter top alternative.
Tizer Gardens was the first real stop on our journey.  I was generously given free passes to the garden by a librarian at MSU-B.  It was probably not the peak season to visit a garden, but it was still quite lovely.  Matt and I want to go back to see their vegetable garden in full glory some time.  It was a really fun, sort of fanciful kind of place.
I thought this was a pretty unique flower bed.
Isn't that an awesome table?!!?  It is in the children's garden which is full of fairies and gnomes every which way.
They had turned tree stumps into planters as well.  It looked really neat.
There is a 100 year old cabin on the property that is decked out with old gear and drying herbs.

Trees with tools growing out of them.

Matt spinning a large wind chime.

The Secret Garden.  I love that it had a door and a windows.  The window was just free hanging from a beam.  It was an awesome touch.


  1. I love that picture of Matt using the back of your car to make sandwiches on. What a creative solution:)

    It looks like the gardens were beautiful.

  2. I have come back to view these pictures several times. Just now, I figured out the little trowel doorknocker!

  3. Thanks for stopping by everyone! I know my photos can't possibly capture the awesome beauty of it all, but I sure tried!


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