Grand Teton National Park (Furthur Megavacation Day 6)

We woke up to heavy fog over Yellowstone.  It both obscured the stunning vistas as we continued on our drive and added an even more mystical feel to the whole place.  It quickly cleared as the sun rose higher in the sky.  Day six was sort of mixed as far as awesomeness.  It started out very, very strong (Yellowstone), managed to get even better (Grand Teton), and then sort of crashed as we drove through the rest of Wyoming and crossed into Colorado.   It would have been much better to start small and work up to the climax rather than the other way around, but....what can ya do?
Moose Falls in Yellowstone National Park.
American Dipper.  These birds are amazing!  They have super strong legs and feet because they stand in fast moving mountain streams to feed.  All of their food comes from mountain streams.   They even dive under water and can walk on the river bottom looking for food.  Crazy! 

Grand Teton National Park!  My first visit to this monumental place.
This meadow was like a jewel.  The richness and variety of colors was just unbelievable.
There were lots of interesting and impressive artifacts at the Coulter Bay Visitor Center & Indian Arts Museum including this necklace made of bear claws. 
Pipe collection.
I was probably most impressed by the weaving and beading though. 
I had never before seen so many Aspens in my life as I did on this day.  Or rather I am sure I really had, but they were not in autumn's incredible hues so I failed to notice.  The colors on this hillside are hard to miss though!
We camped (in a teepee!) at the Yampa River State Park in Colorado. 


  1. Great photos - thanks for sharing, what beautiful scenery.

  2. I've always fancied camping on a teepee. What was it like?

  3. Camping in a teepee is super neat, though I might not be saying that if I had to actually put the thing up! With the earth floor it smells like being outside still. You can open or close both the door and the roof flap allowing for a nice breeze and wonderful fresh air. Looking up from your bed you see the cone of smooth, strong sticks meeting at the top which I quite liked. I posted a few photos from inside and outside the teepee here: if you are interested.

    I had slept in one teepee before this, but it was a first for both Matt and Josh.

  4. Also, this particular teepee had nice raised sleeping platforms. They were wood, so a bit hard, but I think it made for a warmer, cozier nights sleep.


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