Matt's Gleaning

Matt was the Potato Team at our community garden this year.  He didn't sign up for it, but the poor things were being swallowed by weeds and didn't stand much of a chance.  It seems whoever did sign up for the Potato Team bailed.  Matt couldn't bear the sight of those potato plants in the forest of weeds and so took to it, clearing it into nice rows again.  After he did it once he sort of felt it was his duty to keep it up.  The garden organizer was quite grateful and felt bad that Matt didn't even get to harvest any potatoes on the Common Ground harvest day a few weeks back.  Matt didn't care.  He was just glad the potatoes would be used.  That is the back story to Matt's first potato gleaning.   
Prior to being washed.
Matt went back to the garden recently and poked around in the (now quite cold) soil.  He found a few potatoes, but not much.  Then he noticed two potato plants that had been overlooked in the harvest, obscured by other vegetation.  He started digging.  And came home with a little pail full.    Cool.  Free potatoes that would have rotted otherwise.  It made me happy.


  1. Those potatoes will make a big pot of creamed potatoes! Nothing tastes as good as what you pick yourself! Have a great rest of the week.

  2. I hate to see food go to waste. Good for Matt. I wonder if the potato person came back to claim harvest.

  3. There really is nothing better than harvested yourself. Never fresher, never more satisfying.

    I don't believe the person came back to the community garden at all. I believe their plots were just totally abandoned. There were quite a few like that for some reason. Our neighboring plot turned to weeds and sunflowers.

    Thanks Cristy. In this particular case I can say it is all Matt. He inspires me.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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