Missoula (Furthur Megavacation Day 4)

So....I don't really have many photos from day four evidently, though it was certainly a great day.  We started off with another meandering stroll through the red cedars.  It was pouring though so I imagine that is why there were no photos.  That said, when you are deep under the thick canopy of those incredible trees you really don't get too wet despite the downpour.   It really added to the impression of the place as a rain forest.  The drive from the big trees to Missoula was quite lovely (and there are a couple photos!).  It was a misty mountains in the autumn kind of day.

I met Chantz's roommate whom I enjoyed greatly and we drank local beer in the afternoon after visiting the Kettle House brewery for the first time and filling our growlers. (There was an article recently in Montana Business Quarterly praising the environmental sustainability of this brewery.  They are doing some really cool things.  I love supporting businesses like that!)  I hung out with the little brother of one of my best friends from high school.  That was a trip for me since he was always just "Val's little brother" and now he is all grown up!  (He'd probably resent me saying it that way, but.....)   He grew up to be a quite funny adult and it was nice to spend some time over at his place.

And, of course, we went to the Furthur show at the Adams Center!  What an utterly outstanding and intimate show that was!  The best of the four nights we saw on the Megavacation I think.  They opened with the song Mississippi Half-Step which I had been dying to hear at every other Futhur show I've been to.  I'd given up on it.  "Oh, they're never going to play it...."  And then they did.  I was dancing too wildly and hurt my poor arthritic back during the keyboard solo in Sugaree, but I got over it and it was totally worth it anyways.  I also traded or sold all eleven of the posters I made for the concert.    You can hear the whole concert for free on Archive if you are interested, just follow the link.
This photo, as the copyright clearly states, is not mine.  However, I AM in it!  Mostly you can spot Matt (with his  bucket hat cover in patches, on the bottom left), but I am the woman with the backpack to his side (go figure, I know!).  We were talking to our buddies before heading into the show.  The photo was posted  on the Furthur facebook page after the show.  Pretty cool I thought.  Thanks Dylan Carney!

It is always too dark to really take photos at Furthur shows.  They aren't the spotlight types.
Afterwards, back at Chantz's house, they'd made out the futon all ready and waiting for us and we slept like the dead.  So I suppose it goes without saying, but the number of photos is in  no way indicative of the awesomeness of my day.  If it did I'd have to have a million more of this day.


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