Yellowstone National Park (Futhur Megavacation Day 5)

Day five we added our friend Josh to our travels.  He had been at the Furthur show in Missoula and was joining our car as we headed down to Red Rocks for the Colorado shows.  I won't even go into how peeved I was at him when he wasn't answering his cellphone and was delaying our departure from Missoula that morning..  Well, I suppose I just did....hmmmm...oh well.  I will leave it at this:  I allowed a cellphone to be the linchpin in our plan and well...that was a mistake on my part as I clearly know better....and the cellphone failed resulting in us leaving four hours later than we hoped, much to my annoyance.  Now that I have some distance from it I can see that if this setback was the worst thing that happened on vacation we are pretty darn blessed.  Also, if Josh's phone hadn't sucked I wouldn't have gotten to spend the morning with my beloved Chantz which was a real treat.  Also, Josh bought us lunch at Taco del Mar which I must say did ease my annoyance as we finally were able to get the heck out of town. 

And I was in a hurry to get out of town for sure!  I had national parks to explore! 
I thought this was a funny photo since you can see me taking it.  Quite the look on my face too!  It must have been bright out!
Our first glimpse of steaming earth on the horizon.
There are few things I've personally seen that can challenge the beauty and strangeness of the geologic features of Yellowstone Park.  This water looks too tropical to be found in Wyoming...and yet it is!
Mud pots (Matt's favorite!) are at the top of strange geologic activity if you ask me.  I mean, mud....boiling mud.  How much more incredible and unbelievable can you get?!  The photo doesn't do it justice at all.  It is one of those things you just have to see with your own eyes.  Actually, maybe that is just Yellowstone in general.
I thought this was one of my best Yellowstone photos, but I am a sucker for action shots.  Geysers are so neat-o.
I don't know these people, but it seems a pretty swell spot to sit and play guitar to me. 
The colors of fall were absolutely glorious.  Beyond glorious.  Red, orange, gold, yellow, brown, lime, green. 


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