Morrison, CO (Furthur Megavacation Day 8)

So, I took a little break to post about other things, but I am just about to finish up with my megavacation photos. 
Mountain Chickadee.  They are the sinister looking cousins of the much more widespread black capped chickadee.  I don't know why I think their little eyebrow-mask look is sinister.  I just do.
This is a pygmy nuthatch, the first I've ever seen.  Truth be told I didn't realize it was a new variety until just this second.  I knew while I was observing it that it was a nuthatch because of the way it was acting, in particular that it was climbing upside down.  It didn't look quite like either the red-breasted or white-breasted which I have already seen many times.  I thought perhaps it was a juvenile white-breasted nuthatch.  But, oh no, something new!  I can't wait to tell Matt.
Driving in to Red Rocks Park to check out the shakedown street and the parking lot scene before the show.    A Just in Case Explanation:  Deadheads love to gather and play music, trade and sell wares, eat, drink, and connect with friends in the lot.  Shakedown Street is the heart of this action....sort of the town square of the Deadheads.  It is a hustle, bustle sort of place, always interesting and always a changing.    You can find just about everything from someone playing a sitar, to a grilled cheese sandwich, to homemade patchwork pants, to a banana slug in a box, to people drinking straight from a bag of wine, to commemorative t-shirts, to political canvasing, to babies to old ladies, to free hugs, to....  you get my point.
Red Rocks is a stunning, magical, powerful, and intoxicating place.  
Josh in the midst of Shakedown.


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