A Poem For My Mom on Her Birthday

A Poem For My Mom on Her Birthday
Today is your birthday, my dearest Mom,
And so I am drafting a short, little poem.
See, you've always been so very good to me,
And as a youth I figured that's just how a mother should be.
Now I know that in this world that's not always the case,
How lucky am I to have been born in this place!
To have you as my mother, so generous and kind,
So gracious and loving and of open-mind,
To provide me a happy home to spend my childhood days,
Always waving from the stands at my concerts, recitals, and plays.
You taught me to love games, family, music, and trees,
And I cannot imagine myself without all of these.
You taught me to drive stick with hardly any tears,
And when wakened from nightmares calmed all my fears.
Throughout my days you've always been there for me,
Even when I was not acting at all sensibly.
I knew I could always depend on you,
That through thick and thin you'd see me through.
You gave me guidance when I was small.
And you still do today whenever I call,
Asking "what does seam allowance mean?"
Oh, why didn't I let you teach me to sew as a teen!?
But the lessons learned from you then, as well as today,
Will stick in my heart and never go away.
You are the greatest mother I could have asked for,
Love to you on your birthday and here is to many, many more.
Forgive my terrible--or as I am calling it--artistic photo, here.  It is the four birthday girls blowing out the candles on the cakes.
All the photos are from a big family birthday party over the weekend--we have a lot of January birthdays--at my aunt and uncle's house.  Cake, food, games, family, friends...what a grand way to celebrate. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It had been a while since I wrote a rhyming poem!

  2. You are a lucky lady and I envy you still having your momma. I miss mine every day, because she taught me most of life's greatest lessons.

    1. I know that day will come for me, too, but I don't even like to think about it. She always has the answers when I need them and teaches me so much. I love her so much.

  3. She will never leave you. Not really. Mine hasn't.

  4. What an AMAZING Birthday gift/ tribute to your dear Mom!

    1. Thanks. She is a great mom and I am lucky to have her.


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