A Random 10-Pack

I really liked this photo of the ring-billed gulls in flight.  They seem to be making a curve that follows the treeline in a way that quite strikes me.

Matty making hummus.

Since I was in my patchwork skirt, in my rocking chair, and knitting Matt decided to take a sepia tone photo of me since he though that was a suiting color choice--matching in apparent vintage.

Yummy tofu and pepper stir-fry.  We still have quite a good amount of peppers from the garden.  Oh, how I love peppers.  I was glad to see Matt has expanded the number of garden beds allotted to them in his plans for the 2013 growing season.

This bunny lives in our bushes and sits under this tree nearly every day.  I call him Buck. 

Playing a little Scrabble...

Quebec, eh?  (These were Matt's tiles at one point.)

A fabric covered postcard I made and sent to my mama.

The over-sized cowl that I made my sister whilst I was out in Washington in December.
They may looks like just wet foot prints, but they are actually frozen.  That's what happens when you take a soak in the hot tub and then quickly skip back inside when its below freezing--the foot prints you leave behind turn into ice.


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