Asian Pockets

Sometimes the best meals are the ones made up off the top of your head, if you ask me.  The little-of-this, little-of-that type meals.   The who-needs-a-recipe type meals.  Sometimes they turn out so good you wish you had followed a recipe so the sensation could be recreated.  These Asian Pockets (I think they may be spring rolls, but since I've never eaten a spring roll I hesitate to label them as such.) are certainly one such meal.  We picked up a package of soy wrappers at the discount grocer because they were practically giving them away and we were intrigued by them.  The pack contained several different flavors of wrapper such as teriyaki, sesame, and turmeric.  But, not really knowing what to do with them they ended up sitting in the cupboard for many, many months. 

But then one night last week, after working the late shift at the library, I came home to find these little Asian-themed pockets on my table.  They were so tasty.    Yummy goodness in a flaky, crisp package.

Here is the gist of a recipe:
Matt stir-fried a bunch of veg including carrots, onions, celery, greens, and peppers as well as some cubed tofu.  He also cooked up a batch of udon noodles and a little sauce of tamari, ginger, miso, and oil.  Each soy wrapper was then filled with this combination of noodles, veg, tofu, and sauce and wrapped up into an adorable little pocket.  The pockets were then baked for 10-15 minutes until the wrapper started to crisp and brown. 

Superb!  They would also a very easy-to-eat-on-the-go food which could certainly com in handy for lunches and road trips.  I kind of wish we'd bought more wrappers while the getting was good at the discount grocer. 


  1. OH ! Those sound absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I will have to look for those wrappers!

  2. They were really good. Who knows if I'll ever stumble across soy wrappers again either, but if I do....


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