Matt's Homemade Tortilla Recipe

We had burritos last night.  Pepper, onion, and corn from the garden and seasoned beans and rice wrapped up in a warm homemade flour tortilla--smothered in homemade hot sauce.  It was absolutely, positively superb.  Yuuuuuuuuuuumy!  And I was able to get Matt to write down a recipe for the tortillas, you know, instead of just making it up on the fly like he tends to do.  As promised I've typed it up to share with you all. 
Matt's Tortillas

2 C white flour

1/2 t salt
1 t baking powder
1/4 C shortening
1/2 C warm water (maybe another 1 T if needed)

Combine flour, salt, and baking powder.  
Cut in shortening with a fork
Add water and mix together.  It will look like there is no way it is all going to come together and form a nice ball, but it will.  If needed you can add an extra tablespoon of water, but don't overdo it or they'll be too sticky and you won't be able to roll them out properly.  You'll need to use your hands to bring all the flour and water together into a ball.
Cut the dough ball into thirds and then each third in half so that you have 6 little blobs of dough.
Roll them out very thin.
Cook them on a heated, dry skillet.  On a pre-heated cast iron pan it takes only 15-30 seconds on each side, but the first couple may take longer if that pan isn't quite heated up.
Place between layers of warm, slightly damp towels to keep them soft and pliable on the dinner table (unless you've actually got one of those tortilla warmer baskets).
Matt was so funny at dinner last night.  He says, "I know this sounds dumb, but they look just like tortillas!"  Obvious statement or not, I can totally appreciate what he is saying.  When you discover how easy it is to make things at home that are exactly like what you've been buying all along it is sort of shocking.  Who knew it was this easy?!  He then went on to say that the local tortillas we'd been buying cost about $3 per pack.  We'd never buy bread for $3 per loaf because we make it ourselves and understand the real cost, but we've been so willing to do it for tortillas because it never occurred to us that we could have it any other way.  Little did we know!


  1. THANK YOU MATT!!! I've printed it off for us to try... I have several cans of Enchilada sauce in the cabinet and Scott has been wanting me to use them so we will this weekend!

  2. OH!!!! And I LOVE that you are putting the pot holders to use!

    1. They are certainly looking worse for the wear, because of all the abuse we put them through, too. Grease stains, a little hole, and black marks from the hot cast iron handle, but that just goes to show how much we're using them!!! We love them. And maybe I told you this before, but orange is Matt's favorite color to boot.


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