Spicy & Sweet Hot Sauce

I tweaked my cayenne pepper hot sauce.  By adding some brown sugar it makes the sauce both spicy and sweet in a way that makes my taste buds absolutely dance.   I just made another batch of it over the weekend and now I Just want to eat it on everything.  For lunch I ate spaghetti with chunky vegetable marinara...and hot sauce.  When Matt asked what I wanted for dinner last night I said "Anything I can have hot sauce on."  THAT is how good I think this hot sauce is.

Beth's Spicy & Sweet Hot Sauce

10 dried red cayenne peppers
1 C white vinegar
3 cloves garlic (I used my friend Derek's homegrown garlic which he kindly gifted us some of.)
1 T brown sugar
1/2 t sea salt

Heat water to a boil
Pour over peppers in a small bowl until the peppers are just covered.
Weight the peppers down with a canning jar or spoons so they remain submerged.
Allow to sit for about 30 minutes or so until they are rehydrated.
Place all ingredients into the blender and blend very well, being very careful not to breathe anywhere near the open blender. 
Bottle and refrigerate. 


  1. I'm catching up on my blogging friends posts and am SO enjoying printing off your recipes to try!

  2. Another wonderful recipe to try

  3. Recipes sharing is certainly one of the great perks of blogging, isn't it!? I hope you like it! It would go really well with your homemade tortilla meal I bet!


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