New Shelves for Old Jars

While I was in Seattle Matt tackled a project we had sort of lazily dreamed about a few times.   I came home and it was done!  Poof!  Just like that.  With a festive little holiday bow even!
See, I have this great passion for making use of wall space for storage.  Just as in gardening I think its a brilliant idea to make valuable use of the vertical space.  Using hooks and shelves on the walls just makes sense to me.   In our utility room/tie-dye laboratory/canned goods pantry there was a wall of exposed 2x4s.  We thought it would look sharp and be a good way to get some additional storage if we mounted shelves between the 2x4s for our jars of jams, sauces, apples, etc. 
It looks even sharper than I'd hoped, actually, and he did it all with leftover scrap wood.  Whenever I am gone Matt gets so busy around the house...not that he isn't busy most of the time!  What a gem!


  1. Very nice! And such a good use of space. This reminds me of the shelves my Granny had in her utility room when I was growing up. They were always full of home-canned goods.

    1. Thanks! I take any comparison to a granny's canned-good supply as the highest of compliments!

  2. That is a wonderful storage solution. I have a friend who has a wall of cabinets with huge doors over the area of studs. It is only a stud deep, so nothing ever hides.

    Just make sure you cover those canned goods to keep the light from robbing the nutrients from your garden produce.


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