Weird Things I Saw One Day Shopping In WA

I was out at my sisters just before Christmas and her father-in-law wanted to take her out shopping to pick out a few things for her children.  (and take us out to lunch while we were at it.)  You know, grandpa has got to get the inside scoop about what was on the kiddies' lists!  I took these random photos while out and about shopping. 
Someone had taken the time and effort to cross out either the word "Ike" or "Mike" on each of these packages of "Mike and Ike" candy.   Every single pack on the shelf.  No, no...I don't want that one...just give me a plain ol' Ike please.  It made me wonder what the story was there.  I bet they thought it was really funny.  Since I took a photo of it I suppose they were right.  I'd never seen candy vandalism before.

We went to an Apple store.  I am not sure I've ever felt so out of place in a store as I did there.  Way too cool and high-tech for me.  They didn't even have cash registers.  The employees just swiped the debit card into their smartphones.  And there was a million of the employees just swirling around the store which didn't have any sort of defined customer area-employee area.  There was no counter the employees stood behind, say, to wait on customers.  They all just swirled around tables full of gadgets.  I'd never really seen anything like it.  A very...hmmm... modern store, I'd say.

And last and most astonishing to me (as in I told just about everyone about it):  I saw an escalator for shopping carts.  Now I've seen everything, as the saying goes!  You push your cart in and it just slides into these slots which take it down beside you, just a little slower than you so you always have time to catch it on the other end.  This invention both impressed me and made me shake my head with a "what will we think of next...."  I'd never even thought of such a contraption.  Who knew there was a need?!
We'd been on the first floor and what was sought was on the other floor so I said "So, what do we ditch the cart and then come back for it?"  And Lisa told me that they had an escalator for carts.  What?!
I have found that shopping, when one doesn't do it often, is like an adventure into another world.  And I never know what strange and interesting things I might see.  Like escalators...for shopping carts.


  1. I saw one of those in NYC about 15 years ago. I was truly amazed. I have not seen one since. They had a clerk stationed at the top and bottom to assist people. The woman at the bottom took the cart and slammed it into the escalator. The clerk at the top snatched it out and sent it flying into all the other full carts that people were trying to pick up. My daughter just let go of the cart and the woman took it from there. We did not get to the top when the cart did, so she had to get the cart from the jumble of carts without getting hit by the next one.

    All the snatching, slamming, and shoving may have been because we were in NYC where most people seem angry anyway.

  2. I've never seen an escalator for carts! That's amazing! :O

    1. I was pretty amazed myself. I've told just about everyone I could about it. What will we think of next!?


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