From 60 to Snowing in a Day's Time

It was sunny and glorious on Saturday.  So glorious Matt and I knew we had to get out there and enjoy the sunny world.  After tossing around several options we headed out to Phipps Park and played a round of folf.  Folfing at Phipps is also quite the hike as the folf course goes up and down the rim rock hillsides, requiring the players to use footholds here and there to reach the next tee box.    The birds were singing.  The sky was blue.  Though we only saw one other group of people the parking lot was packed with others out enjoying the day.   The trails were a bit muddy at points on account of the last remnants of snow melting away under the sun in the, but with quick, carefully placed steps it was not too bad and certainly a small price to pay to climb, run, skip, and throw discs all day in such a warm, pleasing, spring-like atmosphere.  It was so downright balmy that we ended up in just our t-shirts--no coats January!  This is cause for celebration. 
It wasn't long before the coats came off!
This is Hole 18 and you essentially throw off of a cliff.  The basket is way, way, way below you.  It is such a surreal folf course.  But always fun and always a challenge.
I woke on Sunday thinking maybe we'd go play another round at Phipps as we'd both enjoyed it so much.  But, when I looked out the window much to my surprise I saw a light dusting of snow covering the bare limbs of the aspen trees, and the solidly grey-white sky.  It snowed, ever so lightly, all day on Sunday.  The spring day was a false alarm.  It wasn't particularly cold, but it was certainly a strong contrast to the 60 degrees and sun of the day before.  So we mostly stayed inside--visited Matt's parents, made vegetable stock, played a few games, and then Matt built a fire which I sat by and knitted until I had to go to work. 
The view out the back window.
Ah, blessed of extremes.  Beautiful, captivating extremes.  I feel so blessed to live in such a place as this.


  1. I first played Disc Golf/folf about 15 years ago with a torn meniscus. The course had lots of trees. I kept tripping over limbs and tree trunks and stepping into holes obscured by leaves. I called it Extreme Disc Golf. However, it was doable for me, unlike your course.

    At the University of Alabama in Huntsville their course is like a manicured golf course, way too easy. I even have my own special discs and a little round bag, like a purse to carry discs.

    My dream is to have some of the "holes" in my yard. I love the clang of chains.

    1. How cool!

      We have a fairly nice manicured course in a city park here that is more do-able for a lot of people. I used to only play there because I wasn't quite up for chasing my disc all over tarnation at the other course.

      Have some holes at home would sure be fun, wouldn't it?!

  2. OK... you've got me curious... "folfing"? I will have to Google this now! I've never heard of it but what a wonderful place to "play" such a game.

  3. Well for "Folfing in South Carolina" Google automatically changes it to Golfing so I'm guessing it's only in t he upper West States. But sure sounds like fun.

    1. I would not be surprised if it was more popular out here in the northwest, but it might also be a terminology thing. It can also be called Frisbee Golf or Disc Golf depending on who you speak to and where they play.


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