Hostin' My First Swap

I've attended a lot of clothes swaps with my friends, but I'd never hosted one before.  It was really fun and gave me a great excuse to bake lots of tasty things to eat, all of which was very well received.
Start diggin' in! 
I don't remember why....but its fun!
We had a ridiculously huge, messy clothes pile this time.  It was huge!  Where do all these clothes come from?  I know for a fact that many of them just keep returning to the swap and go home with someone new....only to be returned again to the next swap.  Its pretty funny.  "That was mine."  "I took it home once"  "I did, too!"  "Who brought it today?!"
A woman I'd only just met pulled this dress out of one of her bags for me.  She thought, even though she'd only known me for about five minutes, that it would be something I'd like.  Boy, did she hit the nail on the head there!  I love the bright design and it has long pointed sleeves.  I did opt not to keep the little green beret though.
Chelsey (on the right) made this costume modeled by Stephanie.  She is a Party Animal.
A couple people had to try it out....and someone, though I cannot recall who, did take it home, too.
Odd things always turn up at our swaps, too.  Like a used travel toothbrush that no one would claim.  A goose statue that didn't have a head.  One lone slipper that never found it's mate.  A Valentine card.  A random piece of children's clothes. A plastic bear with a parachute.  You know, stuff like that.


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. How fun! THis makes me think I should do this. How do I organize it if I've never done it before (and my friends haven't either)?
    I also think that dress you're modeling is fantastic on you and I mourn the loss of the green beret as I think it looks good, too!

    1. If you've got some friends in mind to ask I'd say its pretty easy to get something like this going. The hardest part, like all gatherings, being finding a mutually good time for everyone.

      We started out with a smaller group, maybe eight or ten. It was just some of my girlfriends and I think it started organically in that one person just brought some extra clothes to share to a birthday party. And we thought wouldn't it be a good idea if....

      Now we meet about every other month. We usually meet on Sunday evenings because that day of the week was determined by the group to be the most consistently available time for everyone. We have a private facebook group and we create an Event for the swap so that everyone knows the time, place, etc.

      When we first started up a couple years ago it was all done by phone. Someone would decided they had too many clothes or just want to get together and so she'd call all of us.

      And friends bring their friends and so now are group is much larger! Not everyone comes to every swap, but it sure is fun.


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