Mardi Grass

Yesterday was Mardi Gras.  While I don't go all out in my celebration I usually do something to mark the occasion of festivity.  I always found the celebration a very interesting one, and you know me, I love an occasion for collective festivity!  I had to work until 9pm,  but as luck would have it my friends' band, Ted Ness and the Rusty Nails, were set to play some bluegrass after 10 o'clock.  So, even though we knew we'd stay up too late on a weeknight, we went out and boogied anyways.  The music was great.  There were beads and masks and friends, though it was a pretty mellow crowd really.  But, fun, very fun.  Another event to mark the passing of the days and months.  I cannot believe its mid-February already!


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