My Valentine

Matt and I had a lovely Valentine's celebration together yesterday...nothing fancy...just simple fun and extra tasty food at home. 

Matt started the day off with heart-shaped pancakes, and a few silver-dollar pancakes, too, since I think they're so cute.

We both had to work during the day, but Matt took advantage of the few hours after I left for work and before he did to have quite a good spread prepared for when we both got home.
On the way home I bought him a couple of "fancy" beers which I don't care for and thus he doesn't drink often.  They were on sale as it happened....a lucky valentine's coincidence since he was only going to get one, but I was able to spring for two.  He had save the last pilsner that we'd made for me since pilsners are my favorite.  We also share a few glasses of apple juice, which when drunk from a wine glass, always make me feel like I am really celebrating.  I think perhaps because I've always preferred sparkling juice to actual wine or champagne.

Matt told me he wasn't sure what to make for our special holiday meal.  He thought about asking me, but decided he'd just rather surprise me.  So he made a little bit off all the things he knows I love most.  He made crackers and bought a block of Daiya's Jack cheese.    So I happily made little cheese and cracker sandwiches to nibble on.  He took some of the cheese and added it to a batch of biscuits so they were infused with cheesy goodness.  It was incredibly good and I am not sure I've ever eaten anything like that before.  Matt says cheesy-biscuits used to be his favorite part of eating out at Red Lobster.  He'd marinated tofu osaka and fried up corn fritters, one of my all time favorite foods. 
We played Scrabble and took a nice soak in the hot tub while it dumped snow on our heads.  While it is snowing is probably my favorite time to soak.  Its so quiet and white and magical.  We played guitar and sang together, trying to play lots of songs about love.  Love is Rose.  Give Yourself to Love.  The Ballad of Love and Hate.  Annie's Song.  And so on.

Earlier this week Matt's dad, acting as cupid, had delivered a batch of cookies from Matt's mother, along with a lovely homemade valentine's card.  Matt, in turn, took those cookies and dipped them in homemade white chocolate as a super deluxe valentine's day treat...I mean, doesn't white chocolate make everything deluxe?!  And those cookies were already delicious as they were!
My valentine is sure super and we had a lovely day celebrating our love together...but, then again, we try to do that every day!  I hope you and yours had a very good and love-filled day as well.


  1. Such a wonderful day! So glad you have each other!

  2. How wonderful for you! I have to always chuckle at the hot tub though. It just....doesn' my idea of you all.

    1. Ha! I know, right?!?! It came with the house when we bought it and so we thought we'd give it a go for a year and see what we thought of it. I don't think we'll be keeping it, really, but we've sure enjoyed it in the meantime. It takes up the whole patio though! Not to mention the unnecessary expense and energy consumption.


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