The Start of A New Season

It is technically a bit premature, but at my house it always feels likes spring is here when the first new seedlings poke their green little heads out of the soil. 
It is such a happy, hopeful sight.  The promise of new life, a new growing season, a new year full of opportunity and wonder, a mark of time passed.  Can it already be nearing March?!
I am eager for fresh veg and herbs and all the goodness that the garden brings and each year I am amazed to realize that all those things start as such tiny little seeds.


  1. Isn't it a glorious feeling???

    I'm going to email you UK's newest free gardening booklet. I'm sure some of the info will be helpful for Montana.

    Have fun!

    1. It sure is, Mary, and thanks I look forward to your email!

  2. Do you have seeds germinating in bags? It looks like it, but I cannot tell. That is just the cheapest and easiest way to germinate!

    1. No, they are just some plastic flat gardening trays. What sort of bags do you mean?


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