Miso-Ginger Sauce

Stir-fry is our go-to for when we want something quick, but very tasty and substantial.  There was a time when if I wanted something quick I would just eat buttered rice or something, but I just can't really feel that is a real meal anymore.  I need the vegetables to make it feel real.  But, when I am lacking motivation or time stir-fry is a good way to satisfy both needs.  I can cut up as many vegetables as I feel like or have time for.  They take hardly no time at all to cook, and I can always toss in some beans or tofu if I want to round out the meal even more so.  Quinoa makes for a really great and high-protein addition to stir-fry as well, and doesn't take a long to cook as rice. Today when I was looking at all the leftovers in the fridge...and not having any of them strike my fancy....we made stir-fry.  Yum.

Miso-Ginger Sauce/Marinade

1/3 C sweet yellow miso
1 1/2 T lemon juice (or rice vinegar)
2 T honey
1 clove garlic
1 t ginger, grated

Combine all ingredients in a  blender until smooth and creamy.  Yields about 1/2 cup.


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