Bees at the Garden

I was amazed by the shocking yellow of this bee.  Then I realized it was so bright because it was covered--and I mean covered--in pollen.  It was pretty neat.

It was awesome.

This grasshopper wasn't so keen on sharing this sunflower.  The bees kept landing and when they'd get close the hopper would whip out a back leg and give them quick kick right off the blossom.  It was fairly amusing I must say.  This photo was taken about 10 seconds before this bee got the boot.

We saw at least a couple different kinds of bees at the garden.  They were all quite busy amongst the flowers. 


  1. That is a tremendous photo of the bee covered in pollen.

  2. Thanks! I was so pleased that my camera cooperated and actually focused on the little guy. He was sure doing his job pollinating the garden!

  3. That is a phenomenal shot. I did not know bees got all covered with pollen. Hmmm. And, I did not know grasshoppers defended themselves and their "territory"with a kick to the offender.

  4. Thanks! It was one of the most stunning things I'd seen at the garden I must say. He was sooooo yellow.

    And it seems that a grasshopper packs quite a wallop in that back leg! It was pretty fascinating. Also something we'd never seen before.


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