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So I have this shirt on my mind today....well, really since I started cutting it apart yesterday. 
This has been a favorite shirt of mine since I got my library job and went to the thrift shop to pick out some more professional type clothing.  I had worked in a warehouse setting previously.  I love the pattern of white swirly vines and flowers on the lovely sky blue. 
But, it no longer fits me well.  I've lost a bit of weight since I bought it four years ago.  It is an XL and I noticed the last time I wore it that it was no longer very flattering.  It looked baggy and saggy and stretched out.  So...what to do with it....  I thought of just giving it to the thrift shop from whence it came, but ultimately was worried it would just get discarded.  It is a bit worn in places and the collar is a tad stretched out.  So, I thought I should cut it up and sew something with it. 

Having finally completed my first (of many I hope) pair of recycled-t-shirt-underpants a few days ago I thought perhaps I could get a couple of pairs of beautiful underpants out of the shirt.  However in a bit of foolishness I decided to try a new pattern instead of the one I'd used to make the first pair.  Now the shirt is cut up and I am having a heck of time getting these underpants to come together.  They seem rather small for a "medium."  I fear the shirt fabric may be a total loss after all.  It is nothing special really, I just liked it a lot. 

So, I set them aside last night and hope that when I come back to them this weekend all will be well.  That had worked many times in the past.  I guess even if it fails all I am really out is a shirt that didn't fit me and that I wasn't sure even the thrift shop would sell...but that is not the point. 

The On My Mind concept come from  Rhonda on her Down to Earth blog.  Won't you join in on the fun?!


  1. Do share the final product!! Congrats on the weight loss, and although I found your blog from D2E I added you to my favorites!

    I save the fabric and make quilts. Simple square patchwork quilts of the clothes we have worn and are no longer useable for one at a thrift.

    Take care.

  2. Shame to lose out on the beautiful colour and pattern. I think you will have success like you say if you walk away and return to it another day. Good luck.

  3. Oh well, even if it doesn't work out; you had a good go at finding a use for it.

  4. If the panties don't work, make something else from the fabric--pot holders, bag for clothes pins, doll clothes for a little girl. Or, just use it for rags to dust or clean. No waste!


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