Garden Update

 Here is how the rest of the garden is looking this morning!
The tiniest little bean I've ever seen!  We could even see the little seeds developing inside.  Isn't it adorable?!
More and more tomatoes along the house are turning red.  We will be making a little batch of sauce this weekend if we can fit it in. 
These ones are really pink rather than red.  It isn't quite captured in photograph.  They are quite strange looking.  The plant marker seems to have disappeared, but Matt thinks they must be Cherokee Purples.

The tomatoes not along the house though are not turning red at all yet! 
This is the first time we've tried to grow rutabagas.  Something, I suspect the grasshopper army, is eating their leaves though.  As I have no frame of reference I am not sure how these are progressing.  We shall see!
All the varieties of peppers continue to be quite bountiful.  We will be harvesting some nardellos, jalapenos, and cayennes this weekend.


  1. I rarely get the chance, but I love to pick green beans when they are less than four inches long and add them to my salad. They are delicious, but I suppose it is wasteful unless you have fields of green beans.

  2. I've never thought to try that, but I have certainly found that the baby things are always sweeter, more tender, and generally just real tasty. As in baby spinach, new potatoes, thinned carrots, etc.

    And I don't think it is wasteful, but it may not be the most productive if you are going solely for quantity...however it seems you like the quality better so....

  3. Gorgeous tomatoes! And I love watching the birds too! When we still had the pond going, we'd get soooooo many varieties of birds coming to water themselves. We'd be amazed, simply because we didn't think some of them existed in our area. We even had a heron come by to scope out the 15+ koi we had in the pond. I do miss those birds. We get fat squirrels who are so tame you can get super close to them and they don't run. They're bold enough to jump onto our fig tree right in front of us from the back wall and start munching on the sweet, juicy figs. Our neighbor feeds the squirrels, we don't (not on purpose) but they do come steal our mandarins, strawberries and figs. Someday, they'll probably go for the avocados too...and the persimmons.


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